Chimney shrouds

     Earthquake retrofit

Spark arresters Crown repairs

      Chimney extensions

Refacing your chimney
If the outside of your chimney is looking weathered, getting old or just outdated.   I can give your chimney a whole new look. 

Whether you prefer a smooth Santa Barbra finish or a stacked stone finish.

Updating the look of the chimney is a fast way to improve the curb appeal of your home..

      Rebuild in process

      Chimney Refacing


Earthquake Damaged Chimneys
 One of my specialties is repairing earthquake damaged chimneys. 
I work with many Realtor and investors in the industry.
Chimney rebuilds are done with the finest quality materials. 
 We  pull permits for all our rebuilds and are always built to  Los Angeles
city specifications.

       Rebuild complete